Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR) Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board works to manage, protect and, in some cases, restore the region's precious natural resources.

Our role

The board, in consultation with primary producers, the community, government and industry, is responsible for the development of the AMLR NRM Plan. The plan sets measurable goals, priorities and targets for sustainable use of natural resources in the region, aiming to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of people and the environment.

The plan is delivered by Natural Resources AMLR staff through a diverse range of programs and projects.

Our vision

Our vision for the region is 'a healthy living landscape meeting the social, environmental, economic and cultural needs of the community, and ensuring the rights and wellbeing of future generations'.

Our members

Meet our board members! Read a detailed profile of each of our community-based board members.

Position Name
Presiding member Chris Daniels
Member Alexi Kentish
Member Belinda Bramley
Member Mark Searle
Member Rachael Siddall
Member Rob Lewis
Member Russell Johnstone
Member Allan Sumner
Member Trudi Meakins

Agency representatives

A number of government representatives sit on the board. While they do not have voting rights, they make significant contributions to the work of the board.

Organisation Name
Environment Protection Authority Peter Pfennig
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Julia Grant
Local government Vacant
Primary Industries and Regions SA Daniel Casement (Deputy – Tamara Rohrlach)
SA Water James Crocker


Monthly meetings are held around the region and members of the public are welcome to attend.

 Meeting 137  14 December 2017
 Meeting 138  22 February 2018
 Meeting 139  22 March 2018
 Meeting 140  26 April 2018
 Meeting 141  24 May 2018
 Meeting 142  28 June 2018
 Meeting 143  26 July 2018
 Meeting 144  23 August 2018
 Meeting 145  27 September 2018
 Meeting 146  25 October 2018
 Meeting 147  22 November 2018
 Meeting 148  13 December 2018

Meeting minutes

For a copy of past minutes not on the website, please email the board’s secretary.

Annual reports

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