Local level planning - subregions

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Plan is a high level strategic and business plan for the region. The purpose of volume 1, the strategic plan, is to provide the overall direction for all stakeholders, on the types of actions needed to address the big natural resources issues. 

Because it is a high level plan, it doesn’t provide detail to guide action at the local scale. A more detailed level of local planning now links the strategic plan to on-ground action.

Local level planning helps the AMLR NRM Board to:

  • be transparent and provide a consistent approach to investing in action
  • base investment decisions on the best available information
  • target action at the best possible point of intervention in the system.

Understanding and acting on issues at a local scale

Broadly there are two key components to the local level planning process:

  1. understanding local natural resources issues
  2. then developing projects to address those issues.

An issue is one part of a broader social-ecological system. And a system can be broken down into issues in many ways. What this process is about is taking an issue (a set of cause and effect relationships) of a multi-dimensional system, in a way that makes it possible to describe the cause and effect relationships without getting bogged down in complexity. Systems are complicated, and therefore will always have multiple issues, with some that may overlap.

Based on the information collected during the regional planning process and a range of projects that the board has undertaken, an initial list of issues has been developed. This list is just a starting point. Issues will be added over time as they become apparent, and as issues are addressed by projects, they will drop off the list.

You can view the initial list of issues here.

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges