Working with the community

Effective and sustainable management of natural resources in our region requires the continued involvement of informed communities. Natural Resources Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges (AMLR) staff engage with members of the community through programs and initiatives focussing on:

  • urban, coastal and rural communities
  • volunteer support
  • Aboriginal communities
  • education in schools.

Reporting on progress

In line with the AMLR Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan, there are two intermediate targets (iTargets) relating to people in the region:

  • increase the number of community members participating in learning opportunities or support services to 10 per cent of the region’s population
  • increase by 70 per cent the number of participants in NRM programs relating to
    • coast and marine
    • land and biodiversity
    • NRM communities
    • NRM education
    • water management services.

How we are progressing toward our goals is captured in regional report cards and iTarget cumulative reports.

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges