Fewer weeds helps environment and boosts property sale prospects

News release
20 June 2017

Good weed control on rural properties not only benefits the environment but can improve a property’s appeal to potential buyers.

Chris Madigan from Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges’ Gawler office said late autumn and winter are the ideal seasons to make a move on some problem weeds, such as Wild Artichoke, which has been identified by landholders in the northern Adelaide foothills as a serious problem.

“The feedback we’ve had from the local community is that they recognise Wild Artichoke as a high priority," Mr Madigan said.

“In response, we’re working with landowners around One Tree Hill and Gawler on a targeted program to help reduce the infestations that have been identified on a number of properties.”

Mr Madigan said Wild Artichoke formed dense, prickly clusters that degrade natural pastures and deter animals from grazing.

Andrew Pike from Elders Real Estate Gawler said it was always a benefit when a property was well presented for sale.

“It’s always an advantage to be able to tell potential buyers that the current owner has any weed issues well under control,” Mr Pike said.

“It means that a potential buyer can confidently consider the property knowing there won’t be any surprises in relation to weeds and reducing the likely need to spend extra time and money on weed control later on.”

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges’ Gawler staff are regularly out in the district meeting with local landholders to assist them in managing the Wild Artichoke problem on their properties.

Mr Madigan underlined that the most effective approach was to work with landholders to achieve the voluntary control of weeds and he expected that approach would be successful.

However, the Natural Resources Management Act can require a landowner to control declared weeds on their property and could be used in rare cases where voluntary action proved insufficient.

“Anyone managing land knows that weeds like Wild Artichoke can be a continual nuisance. The effects are not only aesthetic, but can also impact on the economic potential of properties and cause environmental damage to native vegetation,” Mr Madigan said.

“This program aims to ensure that these impacts and the costs of problem weeds to the community are minimised. Often a small bit of advice about the best ways to control these weeds can make all the difference in getting really good control.”

If you would like some advice to help control weeds like Wild Artichoke on your property please contact the staff at the Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Gawler office on 8523 7700.

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