Rare toad looks for love on Valentine’s Day

News release
14 February 2018

A secretive amphibian that calls during the months when most other frogs are silent has begun its search for love in the Adelaide Hills.

The call of the Bibron’s toadlet, Pseudophryne bibroni, described as a short, grating, upwardly inflected 'ark' can be heard from now through until June, says SA Frogwatch coordinator and NRM Education officer Steve Walker from Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges.

Hear the frog croak here.

“The toadlet, which is rare in the Adelaide Hills due to the loss of its preferred habitat, made a re-appearance last year in the Aldgate and Mt George areas,” Mr Walker said.

“Its distinctive croak was picked up using the FrogSpotter app, which helped identify the rare species to the great excitement of frog researchers.”

Unlike other frogs, Bibron’s toadlet lays eggs in leaf litter or dry creeks. Inside the egg the tadpole develops until almost fully grown, so that when the rains come and it hatches out, legs appear almost immediately.

Think you’ve heard the toadlet calling for a mate in the Adelaide Hills recently?

Download the FrogSpotter app from Frogwatch SA and record any frog calls you hear. All recordings go into a national database to better understand and help protect our frogs for the future.

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