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A quarterly newsletter raising awareness of natural resources management and providing general information about the work of Natural Resources Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges.

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary

A regular update on news and progress for the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary. Find out what's happened at recent events and forums, and how you can get involved upcoming events and activities.

Coastal and Marine eNews – coming soon!

Coastal and Marine eNews will have regular updates on projects across the region that protect and enhance coastal and marine environments. It will also include information on events, workshops and volunteer opportunities.  

NRM Education Weekly Digest

Designed for schools and teachers, the Weekly Digest helps keep you up to date with upcoming events, professional development opportunities, grants, new resources and case studies relevant to education about sustainability and natural resources management.

Regional Landcare News

An occasional news update for individuals or groups interested in sustainable agriculture. It provides an overview of the latest news and grant information from the Australian Department of Agriculture, highlights recent activities of local groups within the region, and lists upcoming events funded by the Regional Landcare Facilitator program.

Small Talk

Published quarterly, Small Talk contains practical advice and technical information for rural landholders in the region.

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges