NRM Levy

What is the NRM Levy?

The Natural Resources Management (NRM) Act 2004 provides for a regional (land-based) NRM levy and a NRM water levy to provide additional funding for the SA Arid Lands (SAAL) NRM Board to take care of our natural resources for future generations. Find out more in our NRM levy brochure.

Who pays the NRM levy?

All landowners (including lessees) in the SAAL region pay the regional NRM levy. The NRM water levy is payable on water allocated to the mining, energy, gas and petroleum sector (collectively called industrial licences), for town water suppliers, irrigators and for commercial operations, such as tourist park operators in the Far North Wells Prescribed Area. The NRM water levy is not payable on water licences held for stock and domestic use.

Who collects the NRM levy?

Local councils collect the regional (land-based) NRM levy annually from their ratepayers and forward the collected funds to the Board. The levy is shown separately on council rates notices. The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) collects the regional (land-based) NRM levy from outside council areas. DEWNR also collects the NRM water levy from water licence holders.

How are NRM levy rates determined?

As part of its three-year Business Plan revision, the Board recommends the amount of funding to be raised through the NRM levy to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation to support the delivery of the Board’s regional activities. The Minister considers the recommendation and gazettes his decision.

In July 2015 when the State Budget was announced the Board was faced with a number of pressures in fulfilling its statutory responsibilities under the NRM Act 2004 from 2016/17 and beyond.

In amending the Business Plan, the Board made several changes to its levy arrangements to ensure it can continue to achieve its obligations and maintain a commitment to its current programs.

For residents in council areas the land based levy will remain at a fixed charge per rateable property and has been raised to bring it into alignment with residents of outside council areas who own less than 10 hectares.

The regional NRM levy for 2016/17 on all rateable land in council and out-of-council areas will therefore be around $60 (indexed
by CPI).

The NRM water levy has been set at 6.42 cents per kilolitre (indexed by CPI) on industrial allocations. For town water suppliers, irrigators and tourist park operators it is 4.15 cents per kilolitre (indexed by CPI).

How will your NRM levy be spent?

The regional (land-based) NRM levy and NRM water levy contribute to the Board’s delivery of its 10-year Regional NRM Plan and programs supporting our community, townships and industries (eg pastoral, mining, tourism to protect valuable ground and surface waters; improve pastoral land management; conserve natural ecosystems; and encourage community participation.

Activities include pest plant and animal monitoring and control; wild dog management; property planning; support for enterprise diversification; community participation, training and support through field days, events and workshops; Aboriginal skills and capacity development and support for traditional ecological knowledge; water allocation planning; catchment and springs management; and water affecting activity permits.

If you would like to learn more check out On Track, a report to our community on the Board’s activities and the progress towards achieving the Regional NRM Plan’s targets.