Our region's plan

The activities of the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management (SAAL NRM) Board are directed by a 10-year regional NRM Plan, which is developed in consultation with the community, industry and government.

The plan outlines a range of programs to:

  • help protect ground and surface water
  • ensure sustainable industries
  • achieve best practice management of pastoral lands
  • conserve natural ecosystems and biodiversity
  • encourage community participation.

The plan also provides direction, and outlines priorities, for all who invest in the region. It includes a three-year business plan that sets out how the Board will generate and invest its income, including its land and water-based NRM levies. Click here to download the consultation report for the 2016/17  – 2018/19 Business Plan that will came into effect on 1 July 2016.

The Board directs funding across a number of key areas, working with government, pastoralists, mining and petroleum companies, tourism groups, progress associations, Aboriginal communities, non-government organisations and other community groups to build their capacity to sustainably manage their land.

In addition to providing strategic advice on regional natural resource management issues and priorities, through its business plan, the Board funds on-ground activities which are carried out by Natural Resources SAALstaff.