Review of the Pastoral Board of South Australia underway

As part of a continuous improvement process, the Pastoral Board of South Australia have initiated an independent review of its business operations and policy development processes - with an aim to find the most effective way the Board, with the assistance of the Pastoral Unit, can administer the Pastoral Land Management & Conservation Act 1989.

To ensure the review is impartial and transparent the review process has been contracted to McGregor Tan Research, a marketing and research company based in Adelaide.

The Board is very keen to receive information on:

  • current stakeholder understanding and expectations of the Board and the Pastoral Unit's roles and functions
  • opinions on potential improvement measures.

This review will consist of:

  • a postal and online questionnaire sent to all lessees
  • telephone interviews conducted with broader stakeholders such as industry bodies, statutory authorities, Native Title holders, non-government organisations, volunteer peak bodies and a selection of lessees
  • a survey of Board members

The results of the review will form a framework for the Board and the Pastoral Unit to meet evolving stakeholder needs and expectations; with principal findings and recommendations to be presented to the Board in the first half of 2016.

Your opportunity to provide feedback

A postal survey questionnaire has been sent to all lessees which can be mailed back in the prepaid envelope supplied OR lessees may choose to complete the survey online by clicking here.

Lessees are asked to complete the survey once only, either online or via hard copy.

By participating lessees will have the opportunity to express their views on the role and performance of the Board - providing input into its future role and direction.

This survey is conducted in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988. All survey responses will be analysed and reported in aggregate, and no individual answers will be attributed to any individual participant.

For more information contact the Pastoral Unit on 8648 5300.




More information

  • Pastoral Unit
    GPO Box 1047, Adelaide SA 5001
    8648 5300 or freecall: 1800 678 447