2018 NW Pastoral Field Day program

* Catering provided - RSVP: Community Engagement Officer, Sarah Voumard 
phone: 0437 795 792 email: sarah.voumard@sa.gov.au

  9:00 Sheep Dog Training 9am - 4:30pm
Registered participants training with Josh Lines - read more

Morning tea - Stalls open

Main Shed

Official Opening

Main Shed
10:15 Are you ok? Carol-Ann  Stanborough Royal Flying Doctor Service
Main Shed
10:45 Desalination plant Chris Martin Puredrop Desalination Desalination Stall
11:15 Butchery demonstration Tony Lukins Main Shed
11:45 Feral animals David Peacock PIRSA     Main Shed
  Combi Clamp demonstration (10mins) Daniel Schuppan Landmark  Mounting Yard
  Sheep pregnancy scanning (40 mins) Paul & Michelle Cousins   
12:10 Exclusion Fencing demonstration Matt Dowell Southern Wire Main Shed
12:15 Weather Darren Ray Bureau of Meterology
Main Shed


Main Shed
 1:15 Telemetry Mike Hayes In2it Main Shed
 1:45 Drones Nick Sangster MLA & Justin Leamon JSL Drones
JSL Drone stall
 2:30 Wool Alice Wilsdon Elders & Adrian Dewell Landmark Main Shed
 3:00 Access to capital & commodities overview Mikaela Rasmus & Peter Noel ANZ Main Shed
 3:15 Combi Clamp demonstration (10mins) Daniel Schuppan Landmark Mounting Yard

Sheep pregnancy scanning (40 mins) Paul and Michelle Cousins  Mounting Yard

Afternoon tea - Bar opens

Main Shed
 4:00 Livestock health & MLA research projects Nick Sangster MLA Main Shed

Stalls close

 4:30 Battery storage & solar systems Kim Atkinson Natural Technologies Main Shed
 5:00  Livestock SA Q&A
Main Shed

Official close



Glendambo Hotel
 7:30 Lily and the Drum Duo live music Glendambo Hotel


Pop-up school program  


Supervised activities for primary school students 

Marquee by Secretary's Office

10:15  Soil erosion activities
11:15  Bush foods & NAIDOC art sessions

 closed for lunch

  1:30  Wildlife  
 2:30  Plant propagation with Arid Lands Botanic Garden

 closed for afternoon tea

 4.00  Craft seed critters






More information

  • Community Engagement Officer
    (08) 8648 5300