Pastoral Unit

The Pastoral Unit supports the Pastoral Board the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation in administering pastoral leases in accordance with the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989. Pastoral leases give pastoralists access to Crown land for the main purpose of raising livestock and developing related infrastructure. Pastoral leases also require that the land be managed sustainably to prevent further degradation and, where possible, to improve the condition of the land.

Rangelands pastoral properties make up of 40% of land in South Australia. These areas are of great economic value but also have important cultural and ecological significance and are home to many rare and endangered native species. As a result it is important that pastoral properties are monitored for compliance with lease conditions every two to five years, and that lease extensions are based on assessments of land condition.

Public access to pastoral lease land

Public Access Routes provide for public access over pastoral land without the need for travellers to ask permission from the pastoral lessee. There are currently 24 Public Access Routes, spanning more than 650 kilometres, established on pastoral leases in South Australia.  

The consent of the lessee is required to access areas of pastoral lands that are not part of the public access route network. To access pastoral lease land, please complete the access request form.


Section 10 and 18 of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 allows the Minister and the Pastoral Board respectively to delegate a number of their powers under that Act. The power to approve transfers, mortgages, encumbrances, easements and sub-leases of pastoral leases provided they are being transferred and sub-leased for pastoral or associated purposes has been delegated to the Pastoral Unit.

Use these application forms to apply to the Pastoral Unit for approval of the following actions:

Please note that relevant application fee must be paid with lodgement of these forms.

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Lease assessments
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Public access to pastoral lands
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