Consultation process - draft Water Allocation Plan

Submissions on the Draft Water Allocation Plan (Draft WAP) for the Southern Basins and the Musgrave Prescribed Wells Areas are now closed.

After a three-week extension the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Board closed the formal public submission period on 12 June 2015. 

Thank you to all involved in making submissions, attending meetings and the Open House Forums on the 8 April in Elliston and 9 April in Port Lincoln.

Presiding member of the Board, Ms Diana Laube expresses the Boards thanks to the many dedicated community members who contributed during the consultation period.

“The Board has been really pleased with the community input throughout the consultation,” Ms Laube said.

“The excellent comments and feedback we received in the engagement sessions culminated in 14 very useful submissions.

“Everyone is to be thanked for their time and effort in preparing these, which are now being collated and forwarded to Water Allocation Plan (WAP) specialists.”

All submissions may be made publicly available unless signed and stated otherwise.

Key documents used during the public consultation period:  

  • Read the Draft WAP
  • Read the Draft Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) Plan
  • Find some supporting documents referenced in the Draft WAP
  • Go for a quick overview by reading the Draft WAP Information Sheets 

Presentations from Stakeholder meeting 17 December 2015 – details of suggested amendments to the WAP, which are for Ministerial consideration

  1. WAP feedback summary overview – Jonathan Clark
  2. Amendments to the WAP – Simone Stewart
  3. Amendments to the WAP – Kerri Muller
  4. WAP MERI presentation  - Ben Smith and Greg Kerr
  5. WAP feedback and other amendments - Jonathan Clark

Should you wish to contact us please address your correspondence Attention: Executive Assistant to the EPNRM Board. 

Post:    PO Box 22, Port Lincoln SA 5606
Fax:     (08) 8688 3110


Once adopted, the new WAP will replace the two existing water allocation plans (WAP's) for the Eyre Peninsula, one for each of the Southern Basins Prescribed Wells and the Musgrave Prescribed Wells areas.

  • Southern Basins WAP
  • Guide to understanding the Southern Basins WAP
  • Musgrave Basins WAP
  • Guide to understanding the Musgrave Basins WAP

These WAPs aim to:

  • protect the groundwater resources for all water users, now and into the future
  • provide responsible, fair and equitable water allocations for users of groundwater in this area
  • maintain the health of our natural resources and ecosystems.

Find out more information about what a WAP is and why they are important.

Find out about permits and licences relating to this WAP.

More information

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