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Adopt a beach
17 June 2018

Eyre Peninsula locals and community groups are stepping up to address the issue of marine debris on local beaches. An analysis of marine debris monitoring information collected by volunteers from the Eyre Peninsula coast over the last ten years reveals our beaches still require the attention.

Attending to sick wild pelicans, Port Lincoln area.
14 June 2018

Wildlife welfare: Natural Resources EP response to sick pelicans, Port Lincoln area.

Nature winter wonders in Whyalla
13 June 2018

Nature winter wonders in Whyalla

Spot a koala joey
11 May 2018

Your photo of a koala mother and young koala joeys outside of Mikkira station could help Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula understand the secret lives of koalas on southern Eyre Peninsula.

Sustainable Eyre Peninsula coast
04 May 2018

How we keep our coast special is definitely on the minds of locals, and it’s also on the forward planning of the Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board (EPNRMB), Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) and the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association (EPLGA).

Sharks science in the brewery
19 April 2018

Be immersed in all things great white shark at the ‘Sharks in the Brewery’ event on Tuesday 24 April as part of SALT Festival.

Expressions of interest open for NRM projects
09 April 2018

Expressions of interest are open for potential NRM grant funding. Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula is looking for ideas and project proposals to help maintain and improve the condition of natural resources on private land, and community parks and reserves in the Eyre Peninsula region should funding become available.

Fine-scale elevation data collected for Eyre Peninsula coast
28 March 2018

Eyre Peninsula will be the first region in South Australia to collect connecting, precision coastal elevation data via LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) as part of a climate adaptation project led by Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula.

Eyre Peninsula’s busy bilbies
27 March 2018

Greater bilbies, which are vulnerable to extinction, are being monitored in Venus Bay Conservation Park by remote monitoring cameras and some of the animals have had their genetics sampled in a bid to learn more about the genetic fitness of this reintroduced population on Eyre Peninsula. Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula District Manager Mark Anderson said images from the remote cameras reveals low bilby numbers, however the ones that are present are very active.

Southern Eyre Fox bait distribution days begin
13 March 2018

Land managers on southern Eyre Peninsula are invited to collect fox baits and discuss their fox control programs at 14 convenient rural distribution days hosted by Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula. Natural Resources Officer Gemma Marshall said free fox baits are available to eligible land managers and staff will be on hand to discuss property baiting programs at a series of distribution days beginning at the Coulta Hall on Wednesday 14 March and going through to mid-April.

Displaying 1 - 10 of 239 items