Water monitoring

In 2010, an audit of water monitoring activities on Kangaroo Island (KI) was undertaken and identified a lack of data of river water quality for the region. To mend this knowledge gap and ensure that our water resources are suitably managed, a monthly water quality monitoring program has been implemented. Monitoring is being undertaken at flow gauge stations on:

  • Rocky River
  • Stun’sail Boom River
  • Timber Creek
  • Cygnet River – Huxtable Forest
  • Cygnet River – Koala Lodge

and is measuring:

The data collected to date demonstrates that water quality can vary greatly between the different rivers and also seasonally. In general, data indicates that the more westerly a river is, the better the water quality.

As our understanding of water quality in KI’s rivers and wetlands increases, data collected from the monthly water monitoring program will be used to develop region-specific water quality targets.

A more intensive monitoring program is also being conducted at the two Cygnet River flow stations as part of the Catchment to Coast project. This program is monitoring the potential impact of nitrogen and phosphorous loads being transported by the river into Nepean Bay on seagrass colonies.

Water quality monitoring is also being conducted at Grassdale Lagoon, Murray Lagoon and Lashmar Lagoon.