What is the wetlands project?

Wetland management on Kangaroo Island (KI) aims to maintain and improve the health, condition and connectivity of four nationally important wetlands and riparian vegetation on the island.

Introduced plant and animal species in wetland environments lead to declines in water quality, loss of natural vegetation, modification and degradation of habits and loss of biodiversity. Clearing vegetation around wetlands for agricultural purposes has similar negative impacts.

Management activities will focus on habitat restoration, weed and pest animal control over a total area of 1172 hectares, including:

  • Chapman River Estuary
  • Grassdale Lagoon
  • Lashmar Lagoon
  • Murray Lagoon.

What is being done?

Habitat restoration is being undertaken primarily in riparian habitat that is threatened by koala over-browsing. Non-native agricultural pasture will also be revegetated with biodiverse plantings. Seeds and cuttings are being collected from close proximity to the sites and raised in the Kangaroo Island Native Plant Nursery. Work commenced in 2012, with the aim of planting in excess of 5000 trees over more than 90 hectares of land by 2014.

Weed issues are being addressed across project sites and surrounding areas. Environmental weeds are being removed from riparian and wetland vegetation and weed prevention measures are being taken at sites further up the catchment. Weed management around establishing plants also prevents competition from pasture weeds.

Feral pig and peacock control is also an important part of the project.

How is progress measured?

Prior to commencing the project, baseline data was collected on:

  • condition of native vegetation
  • water quality
  • invertebrates
  • weed and feral animal threats.

On-going monitoring undertaken throughout the course of the project will be compared against this baseline data, which will enable the project team to measure and report on the success of the project.

The project will deliver outcomes identified in the KI Natural Resources Management Plan.

Funding partners

  • Australian Government - Biodiversity Fund


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