Our parks and reserves

Kangaroo Island (KI) is renowned for its stunning coastlines, spectacular geological formations, diverse walking trails, history, and accessibility to viewing Australian wildlife in their natural setting.

KI covers more than 4,000 square kilometres (that’s almost seven times the size of Singapore), so there’s a lot to explore – it’s much bigger than most people think! Take your time to experience all that the island has to offer; parks and reserves make up approximately a third of the island. The Parks of Kangaroo Island guide provides visitors with a number of ideas for things to see and do in the island’s natural environment. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information about walking trails and hikes and always check the Parks SA website for the most update information on park closures.

Kangaroo Island tour pass

When planning your visit to KI, a Kangaroo Island Tour Pass is a cost-effective way to visit numerous parks as well as experience memorable and informative tours of KI’s wildlife, history, and natural beauty.

Parks passes are available from the natural resource centre on 37 Dauncey Street, Kingscote and from Natural Resources Centre - Adelaide: Ground Floor, 81-95 Waymouth Street, Adelaide. Alternatively, you may simply pay as you go. KI also has a number of parks that are free to enter and explore.

Please observe park opening times, conditions and booking requirements for some of our more popular tours. These can be found for each park online or you can download a copy of the KI tours and entry guide 2017 - 2018.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

The KI Wilderness Trail is located in Flinders Chase National Park on the western end of Kangaroo Island, and traverses Cape Bouguer Wilderness Protection Area and Kelly Hill Conservation Park. Flinders Chase National Park is a rugged wilderness, featuring iconic landmarks such as the world-famous Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. To find out more please visit the National Parks SA website. The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail is open for online bookings.

Safe trekking

Kangaroo Island's rugged coastline offers keen bushwalkers spectacular coastal scenery, pristine rivers, tracts of undisturbed native vegetation and opportunities to observe abundant and diverse wildlife. Most of the coast is very isolated and provides trekkers with a true wilderness experience. However, this isolation also means that good planning is essential to ensure that your trek is as enjoyable and safe as possible. 

Remember to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.  In the case of longer walks, write down your route and leave it with a responsible person.

Heritage Accommodation

To make the most of your visit to KI, a variety of accommodation options are available across the island for visitors to enjoy. Take a step back in time with our heritage cottage accommodation or get closer to nature by camping in one of the island’s stunning national parks.

Parks in the region

Safety first 

Visiting parks can be an enjoyable experience, but also a dangerous one for people who are not adequately prepared. Find out about the conditions of where you are visiting before you depart, prepare accordingly and watch for hazards.

Fires can threaten suddenly and without warning, so make sure you check for any park closures or fire bans and closures that may affect you.

Mobile phone coverage on KI, particularly the west end, is limited. Contact your network provider for advice about mobile phone coverage.

Remember – your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

At different times of the year, some Wilderness Protection Areas are closed to protect threatened species breeding habitat, access might be limited.  Please check for park closures before commencing your hike. 


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