Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board

Our role

The Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management (NY NRM) Board works with all sectors of the community and all levels of government to provide strategic leadership for the management of natural resources in the Northern and Yorke region.

The Board leads regional natural resource management by:

  • engaging communities, listening to people and representing them
  • defining regional NRM issues
  • providing innovative solutions to regional NRM issues
  • advising government on how to resolve NRM issues.

A group of nine community and three government members have been appointed to the Board to provide strategic direction for all its activities. Board members have been selected for their NRM skills and experience, and their understanding of the complexities of natural resources management in the Northern and Yorke region. The Board’s community members live and work in the Northern and Yorke region and are passionate about working to protect the region’s natural assets

The NY NRM Board is responsible for the development and delivery of the NRM Plan for the region. This plan is developed in partnership with the community and stakeholders and aims to ensure that there is a balance between the needs of the community and the environment. The plan sets targets for the environment in the region and is delivered by Natural Resources NY through a diverse range of programs and projects across the region.

role statement provides a common focus for each of South Australia's eight NRM boards.

Our vision

A prosperous sustainable region, rich in diverse natural resources that are valued by an informed and passionate community.

Our members

Meet our board members. Read a detailed profile of each of our community based board members.

Upcoming meetings

Regular meetings are held in various locations across the region and members of the public are welcome to attend. Agendas are available from the Natural Resources Centre.

Meeting 132 27 November 2017 Clare
Meeting 133 26 February 2018 Minlaton
Meeting 134 26 March 2018 Martindale Hall
Meeting 135 28 May 2018 Orroroo
Meeting 136 25 June 2018 Riverton
Meeting 137  27 August 2018  Port Broughton
Meeting 138 24 September 2018  Clare
Meeting 139  26 November 2018 Jamestown

 Meeting minutes 

Meeting minutes from previous years can be obtained by contacting Natural Resources NY.

Annual report

The Board provides a report on its activities for each financial year in the form of an annual report.  This report also explains how the Board’s activities are linked to the SA Strategic Plan.

The Annual Report is provided to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation and is published on the Board’s website once it has been laid before both South Australian Houses of Parliament.