What do you think?

The project so far

Over the past few years we've been working with local community members, stakeholders and landowners to find out what issues matter to our region. We've identified our natural resource assets, areas for improvement and threats facing the region, and we have summarised the findings into the documents below.

The Draft Landscape Summaries provide a round-up of what natural systems, like creeks, estuaries, soils and native vegetation are valued in your area, and what we need to do as a community to ensure that we use them in a sustainable way and keep them healthy.

What next?

Our next step is to confirm the contents in the Draft Landscape Summaries to make sure that we're on the right track. We want to check that the right priorities have been identified, and that we agree on how they should be tackled and why. We will then prepare a Draft Natural Resources Management Plan for the Northern and Yorke region, due for release in mid-2017.

Where to from here?

A crucial part of rewriting the Draft Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Plan is getting your feedback on these documents. We need to ensure that the voices of all stakeholder groups - including residents, landowner and community organisations - are taken into consideration.

We invite you to review our Landscape Summaries for the region to ensure that your voice is heard and the priorities for your natural resources are represented.

Check your region in the image gallery to the right and then select your local area below.


Please provide your feedback by Friday 28 October, 2016

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