Our region's plan

Natural Resources Management Plan

The Regional NRM Plan has been developed by the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management (SAMDB NRM) Board in partnership with the community and key stakeholders. The plan describes four sub-regions that make up the SA Murray-Darling Basin region and outlines strategic targets for the condition of the natural resources within.

The Business Plan was reviewed during late 2015 to early 2016 with valuable contributions from many committed individuals and organisations in the SA Murray-Darling Basin region. The SAMDB NRM Board thanks all contributors for their expertise, guidance, advice and support during this time.

The extensive consultation process undertaken by the SAMDB NRM Board has given confidence to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment & Conservation and the Natural Resources Committee of Parliament to adopt the Business Plan, which will take effect in the financial years 2016 through to 2019. The recently adopted Business Plan is available from the below link. The Strategic Plan remains unchanged.

Volume A Strategic Plan sets out a vision of we can work together to secure a healthy environment that supports a diverse economy as well as the wellbeing of our communities, ecosystems, soils and water resources. It is a plan for community, business and government.

Volume B Business Plan is a three year plan that outlines how the SAMDB NRM Board will invest the money it raises through levies and other funding sources to achieve outcomes identified in the Strategic Plan.

Hard copies of the plan can be obtained from the Murray Bridge and Berri Natural Resources Centres or the Mount Barker Natural Resources Office. See the Find Us page for full contact details, or email SAMDBenquiries@sa.gov.au