Developing a Regional Action Plan

Natural Resources SAMDB coordinated the development of the Regional Action Plan on behalf of the SAMDB NRM Board and the SA Murray-Darling Basin community.

The Regional Action Plan (RAP) guides the implementation of the 10-year Strategic NRM Plan (Volume A) by identifying local priorities and actions that can be used by a range of organisations and groups working in NRM. 

Key features, drivers of change, and priority NRM issues are identified for each of 11 sub-regions across the SA Murray-Darling Basin and the impacts they are having on our natural resources and community values. 

A summary of information on each subregion is provided below. These include information about the values underpinned by natural resources, what’s driving change and the priority local NRM issues and nature of their impacts.

The new online Regional Action Plan can be found at

For more information on the RAP planning process, click on About the Plan, or contact Amy Lee, Planning and MERI Team Leader on 08 8391 7519.


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