Citizen science

Community-based monitoring (otherwise known as citizen science) is valued by the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) Natural Resources Management Board—various programs, resources and support are available to enable you to participate and increase your knowledge.

Community based monitoring in the region is substantial, covering wetlands, surface water quality, groundwater, aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity, and land condition. Reasons for monitoring include:

  • community based management (such as wetlands, land and coast)
  • sustainable production
  • supporting rehabilitation projects
  • research
  • influencing natural resource management
  • building local knowledge

A variety of publicly accessible monitoring databases are available for participants to share their local knowledge and showcase their contribution to natural resource management, including the community surface water monitoring database and the SAMDB bird monitoring program. These on-line databases provide for a safe repository for community-collected data and are readily accessible to the general public. Other community monitoring programs of interest include TurtleSAT and River Murray Waterwatch and NRM Education.

Support for community monitoring

Natural Resources SAMDB has developed a community monitoring toolkit to guide people interested in participating in monitoring. The toolkit includes extensive information on developing a monitoring plan and different options for contributing data to web-based collections.

As well as the toolkit, community monitoring support is provided by Natural Resources SAMDB through workshops and training. Checklists and fact sheets are also available to further educate and assist people involved in monitoring activities.

Training workshops

Community members can access a variety of periodic training and annual up-skilling opportunities. The types of workshops available are determined by community interests and requirements.

To register your interest in attending training workshops, contact the Natural Resources SAMDB Community Monitoring Project Officer.

Community monitoring forum

Community members have the opportunity to attend a ‘Change Exchange’ forum, where they can share results and experiences of their monitoring. The forum also provides new ideas on how to undertake monitoring.

To find out more about the forum, contact the Natural Resources SAMDB Community Monitoring Project Officer.

Bushland condition monitoring training

Natural Resources SAMDB works with the Nature Conservation Council of South Australia to deliver hands-on training to the community to increase our knowledge of the condition of bushland. Monitoring condition and understanding the major threats is an important part of preserving stands of native vegetation.

To find out more or register your interest in bushland condition monitoring training, contact the Natural Resources SAMDB Community Monitoring Project Officer or the Nature Conservation Society of South Australia.

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