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Input invited on Lawari Conservation Park

 You are invited provide input on the use, conservation and enjoyment of the recently proclaimed Lawari Conservation Park on Hindmarsh Island.

 How to get involved

Input can be provided via the online survey until 31 March.

Nominate Environmental Assets

DEWNR’s Fire Management team is seeking public input to identify locally-important environmental assets across South Australia.

An environmental asset could be a plant or animal population, an area of habitat, or a part of that habitat such as a group of very large, old trees. The asset could be large or small, degraded or pristine, localised or dispersed, on private or public land or a mix of both.

Though DEWNR routinely collects plant and animal records, most of these are recorded on public land. Community-nominated environmental assets will help bridge the gaps in DEWNR’s ecological knowledge.

Once an asset is identified, the Fire Management team will assess the risk posed to the asset from bushfire.

Pinpointing the assets at greatest risk will help fire management staff plan to protect them and carry out risk reduction through the Country Fire Service Bushfire Management Area Plans.

Community-nominated information will be retained to help inform bushfire response and recovery programs.

To nominate an asset, visit the Atlas of Living Australia BioCollect field data capture tool and search ‘environmental assets’. Create a login, and then submit your nominations.

Input will be collected from 15 January to 16 March.

For more information read the fact sheet, contact the Fire Management team on 8124 4822 or email Fire Management Officer Damon Ezis.

Members of the public are welcomed to provide their thoughts on other topics that are currently open for community consultation on the YourSAy website.

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