Smartphone Apps for Smart Farmers 2nd Edition

The Natural Resources SAMDB Sustainable Farming Program, along with DEWNR Sustainable Agriculture funded Ag Excellence Alliance to release the second edition of the publication Smart Phone Apps for Smart Farmers. This publication is now available from the Ag Excellence website.

The new edition of the resource contains information on 414 apps, of which 235 are iOS apps for iPhones and iPads and 179 are Android apps, for brands such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia. The guide identifies both paid and free apps that can help farmers in their day-today work; everything from weather or fire information to business tools, such as farm inputs and supplies.

Apps contained in the book cover categories such as; farm business management, farm operations management, sustainable farming, improved and enhanced production, farm marketing and agricultural market advice, NRM on farms and social and community access.

How do I get the farming apps book?

The book is available in three formats – the full edition, iOS or Android – and can be downloaded from the related links below or click here

Can I search for apps any other way?

A searchable web friendly format is also available. This format enables users the opportunity to provide comment on the applications, rate them, and provide recommendations on new applications for site visitors.  Users will also have the functionality of being able to search and filter application directories, and share and recommend applications to social media contacts through prominent sharing links. To access the web format click here

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