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NRM Agricultural Knowledge Small Grants now open
28 April 2017

South Australia Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management (SAMDB NRM) Agricultural Knowledge Small Grants are now open to support agricultural and horticultural groups in the SAMDB region.

Get the latest news on Carpageddon at Wild Wetlands Day
20 April 2017

What does ‘Carpageddon’ and the carp herpesvirus (Cyprinid herpesvirus) really mean for the River Murray in South Australia? Hear about it from the expert, at Wild Wetlands Day this Saturday.

Wet weather closes Riverland parks
20 April 2017

All roads and trails in Riverland national parks and reserves are closed to the public due to wet weather.

Free, fun hands-on experience this school holidays
19 April 2017

Students with an interest in the environment are being encouraged to get some free, fun hands-on experience this school holidays.

Don’t let your campfire threaten our native animals
19 April 2017

Camping is a great activity to enjoy during school holidays and one of the highlights is the campfire to sit by in the evenings. Natural Resources SAMDB Regional Fire Management Officer Jared Pippos is reminding people that while camp fires can be great fun, people need to be thorough when extinguishing their fire.

Landholders to benefit from land management course
18 April 2017

Natural Resources South Australian Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) is running a six week course delving into the magic world of soils, pastures and landscape management.

Ranges to River NRM Group call for new member
18 April 2017

Do you have a have a passion for natural resources management and live in the area covered by the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges and the Murray Plains? If so, we need you!

Wild Wetlands Day is BACK for 2017
18 April 2017

Wetlands are amazing places to explore and enjoy because they are some of the most productive ecosystems on the planet providing hotspots for local wildlife. To celebrate the wetlands we have in South Australia, the Riverglades Community Wetlands Incorporated (Inc) will again be hosting Wild Wetlands Day, a family fun day on the banks of Riverglades Wetland on Saturday 22 April.

Working together for black-eared miner recovery
11 April 2017

Black-eared miners are small birds that are struggling for survival in the SA Murray-Darling Basin so a project to restore valuable habitat is underway on Calperum Station.

Amnesty declared for pest bird
11 April 2017

A statewide amnesty has been declared to encourage the surrender of any captive Red-whiskered Bulbuls (Pycnonotus jocosus), a high-risk pest bird that poses a threat to local agriculture and biodiversity.