Salinity zoning policy and boundaries

Salinity zoning policy

The River Murray Salinity Zoning Policy helps manage salinity impacts from irrigation development and is a key element of South Australia’s salinity management program. 

The Salinity Zoning Policy is implemented through site use approvals that specify the maximum volume of water that can be applied for irrigation on defined land parcels.  

In 2018, changes have been made to the policy to help facilitate new irrigation development and make it easier to change to higher water use crops. 

The updated policy provides for:

  • 30 year fixed term site use approvals for new or increased irrigation water use (conditions apply)
  • increases to the volumes on existing site use approvals to enable conversion to higher water use crops (conditions apply)

The Salinity Zoning Policy applies to irrigation located within 15 kilometres of the 1956 flood line, excluding:

  • the Qualco-Sunlands Ground Water Control Trust Scheme Area;
  • Lower Murray Irrigation Management Zone;
  • Angas Bremer Irrigation Management Zone; and
  • Areas below Wellington.

Further information is available from:

 Application forms are available from Site use approval application forms 

To discuss your options with staff administering the Salinity Zoning Policy please contact the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Berri office on 08 8595 2053.

Salinity zone maps showing boundaries 

A series of high resolution maps are available to assist in determining the location of a property in relation to the salinity zone boundaries. Please view the regional index map to identify which high resolution map is relevant to your enquiry. Please note that amendments to the Salinity Zoning Policy have resulted in the same rules applying in both the high and low salinity impact zones.

Alternatively the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources NatureMaps online tool can also be used to determine which salinity zone a particular property is located within. Further information on how to use NatureMaps to access salinity zoning information is available in the Salinity Zoning Guide to NatureMaps.