Noora Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan

The Water Allocation Plan (WAP) for the Noora Prescribed Wells Area (PWA) is currently being amended.

Since the Noora WAP was released in January 2001, there has been the introduction of new legislation and some changes to existing water related legislation. The Noora WAP is required to be updated to ensure compliance with these legislative changes. The legislation aims to ensure that the taking and use of Noora groundwater does not affect current users, or neighbouring water resources such as the groundwater in Victoria, the Mallee PWA and the River Murray watercourse.

 A full amendment of the Noora WAP is being undertaken to ensure:

  1. The permissible annual volumes (PAV) to be allocated from the aquifers within the Noora PWA are within the limits of the Groundwater (Border Agreement) Act 1989
  2. The separation of water rights as described in the Natural Resources Management (NRM) Act 2004
  3. All other adjustments are made to ensure the Noora WAP can satisfactorily form part of the SA Murray Region Water Resource Plan (WRP) and meet Basin Plan (2012) requirements.

The taking and use of groundwater in the Noora PWA is considered very minor, with one licence holder (with a purpose of salt interception scheme) and approximately 14 stock and domestic wells. The high salinity of the groundwater is restrictive for many commercial businesses.

Staff involved in amending the Noora WAP aim to contact the key stakeholders to:

  • Come and talk to individuals or groups about the current and potential changes for the drafting of a new WAP
  • Answer questions and clarify any queries on the current or future draft WAP
  • Identify additional issues that could be addressed and included in a draft WAP.

If you would like to be contacted by someone to discuss the Noora WAP to notify us click here.

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