Our region's plan

The long-term vision of the Regional NRM Plan is Healthy landscapes for better living’.  The Plan sets goals and targets to achieve this vision, and balances the environmental, economic, social and cultural needs for our natural resources. It guides the allocation of the NRM levy and other funding to NRM programs that are priorities of the community and legislative responsibilities of the SE NRM Board. The NRM Plan is made up of four volumes:

The Regional NRM Plan is aligned with the State NRM Plan South Australia 2012-2017 .

Business Plan 2016/17-2018/19

The Business Plan 2016/17-2018/19 has now been adopted by the Minister.

The SE NRM Board prepared this Business Plan to raise additional income from NRM levies to contribute to State Water Planning and Management costs, and meet increased costs for Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources services to deliver the Board’s work program.

For more information on Water Planning and Management costs download the factsheet.

The Board listened to feedback

The SE NRM Board received significant feedback through its community consultation on the draft Business Plan. Most submissions opposed the increases in the NRM levies and there was significant opposition to the proposal of a NRM land levy based on the capital value of land.

The Board responded to this feedback by proposing an alternative method for raising the land levy that uses a flat rate based on the purpose for which the land is used. This method reflects that some landowners receive greater NRM benefits from the levy dollars spent, but reduces the impact on those landowners that are asset rich and income poor. The categories proposed to be used to differentiate the purpose of use of land are residential, vacant land, commercial, industrial and primary production.

To reduce the impact on levy payers, the Board reduced its work program by 10.8% (decreasing the overall amount required to be raised through NRM levies by $530,000).

For more information on the changes, download the fact sheet .

Other plans for the region

Other key plans for the South East include: