Subregional NRM planning

Over the past few months we've been working with the community to develop new Subregional NRM plans - the drafts are now ready for feedback.

Each plan describes environmental, social and industry values across the landscape, and identifies priorities for NRM action in each subregion. The SENRM Board values the local experience and knowledge the community has put into each plan, and we’re looking forward to moving them to the next stage.  

Do you feel the subregional plan accurately describes your subregion and your community’s ideas for the future?

Does your plan identify the key actions needed in your subregion?

Let us know. Email your feedback to, post to PO Box 1046 Mount Gambier SA 5290, or call 8735 1177 to chat to a member of the NRM Planning Team. Feedback is open until 22nd December.

For a hard copy of any of the Subregional NRM Plans call us on 8735 1177. 


Choose your subregion below.

Subregional descriptions

94844 NR SE interactive map FIN-01 4 Volcanic Plains & Southern Dunes 4 3 Ranges & Cross-border Creeks 3 2 Dunes & Flats 2 1 Mallee Woodlands 1 Choose your subregion

Mallee Woodlands
Dunes and Flats 
Ranges and Cross-border Creeks 
Volcanic Plains and Southern Dunes

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