Subregional NRM planning

We are adopting a subregional NRM planning approach.  This more localised approach will allow us to tailor NRM activities to suit the different landscapes and communities of the South East.  An extensive community survey and a series of workshops were undertaken with community members to identify subregions within the South East in 2014-2015.


Communities in each subregion will identify what is important in their landscape, what they think the future will look like, and where NRM action is most needed to be sustainable and build resilience.

Want to be involved in developing your subregion’s NRM plan?

Each sub-regional plan will be developed over two workshops at the same location. The location of workshops for each sub-region is indicated by a star on the map. If you identify with more than one sub-region, you are welcome to attend workshops at more than one location.

Naracoorte: 31 May and 26 July

Mount Gambier: 1 June and 27 July

Keith: 6 June 

Robe: 7 June and 2 August

Coonalpyn: 3 August

All workshops are from 4-8pm.

Download further information on the NRM Planning process.

Please RSVP for catering purposes by calling 8735 1177 or by emailing Natural Resources South East.

We look forward to seeing you at your subregional workshops!

'Shaping Our Future’ Youth Summit  

The ‘Shaping Our Future’ Youth Summit brought 130 students from 22 schools together for a day in Naracoorte to contribute to the South East Natural Resources Management Plan. At the Summit students were asked what they valued in the landscape and the actions they felt were needed to achieve their Vision for 2070.

Download the results here.

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