Subregional NRM planning

The Subregional NRM Plans for our region have been finalised and adopted by the SE NRM Board, following community consultation late last year. 

The Subregional NRM Plans (Mallee Woodlands, Ranges and Cross-border Creeks, Dunes and Flats, Volcanic Plains and Southern Dunes) identify local values and priorities and set out an action plan that can be used by a range of organisations and groups working in NRM. 

In preparing the Subregional NRM Plans the Board sought to understand what the community values about NRM in each subregion and what drives and threatens our landscapes. Information was gathered through surveys, meetings and forums, and then brought together into community workshops in mid-2017, where we discussed the future of our landscapes and what actions are needed.

The SE NRM Board values the local knowledge the community has put into each plan, and we’re looking forward to putting these plans into action. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. 

What’s next

In late May 2018, subregional forums will develop key NRM actions into projects for funding in each subregion. These forums will be open, public meetings supported by key Natural Resources South East staff, held in each subregion.  

Click below for information on each subregion and to view subregional NRM Plans


Subregional descriptions

94844 NR SE interactive map FIN-01 4 Volcanic Plains & Southern Dunes 4 3 Ranges & Cross-border Creeks 3 2 Dunes & Flats 2 1 Mallee Woodlands 1 Choose your subregion

Mallee Woodlands
Dunes and Flats 
Ranges and Cross-border Creeks 
Volcanic Plains and Southern Dunes

 Watch this video to find out more about how we developed the Subregional NRM Plans. 



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