Weed Spotters program

The Weed Spotters Program is an exciting initiative of Natural Resources South East that has established a network of members for surveillance of new weed species in the South East region. This program is the first of its kind in South Australia. The Weed Spotters Program will help protect our natural resources from the ongoing threat of weeds, and potentially save landholders millions of dollars. Prevention and early intervention are the most effective means of dealing with potential, new and emerging weeds. This program helps deliver on the Pest Management Strategy for the South East.

A Weed Spotter watches for, reports, collects, and delivers specimens of potential, new and emerging weeds to their regional co-ordinator. The regional co-ordinator will then confirm the identification, take appropriate action and inform the Weed Spotter of the result. A Weed Spotter is like our front line defence against invading plant species. weeds in the region and across Australia.

Free training workshops on plant collection methods, plant identification and the reporting process will be provided. A resource kit with identification reference material and equipment for plant collection are also provided for each Weed Spotter

The Weed Spotter's handbook - This is a great resource to learn more about weed spotters, how to ID a weed; drying weeds, using a GPS and more.

To find out more, read our Weed Spotters frequently asked questions information.

To get involved, please complete the Weed Spotters expression of interest form.

Or if you have spotted a declared or new weed, please report it using this form or by contacting one of our Authorised Officers or our Natural Resources Management Officer, Aidan Laslett:

08 87351112 or 0429685401



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