Teacher resources

There are a range of resources available for teachers, including information packs, kits, online resources, Indigenous perspective resources and the Weed Warriors program.

Local animal face painting designs

Carers SA ‘Team Friendship developed this range of great face painting templates. The group of enthusiastic young carers worked with us, and designer Bianca Richardson, to develop a series of designs based on local native animals. The team has used the templates to paint faces and raise funds for environmental causes at events such as Cubbies at the Lakes in 2016.

Online resources

  • NRM Education Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges have a wide range of information on sustainability themes and engaging with nature activities, including teacher resources, school case studies and information for students.
  • AuSSI-SA Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative Guide to becoming a sustainable school (also known as the AuSSI-SA EfS Guide) provides guidance, support and direction for each school to explore EfS and to determine their own sustainable future visions and paths for achieving them.

Teaching from an Indigenous perspective tool kit

Weed Warriors

Weed Warriors

Weed Warriors is an innovative education and awareness program designed to highlight the problem of invasive plants. This hands on program explores weed management through classroom and field based activities, and provides students with a practical opportunity to become part of the solution.

The program has been run by Natural Resources South East since 2007, and was originally developed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management.

About the Weed Warriors program

The Weed Warriors program consists of two sessions delivered by Natural Resources South East.

  • The first session involves an interactive classroom presentation about weeds, covering: what weeds are, the environmental/ economic/ social impact of weeds, where they come from and how they are controlled. Teachers may also choose to involve their students in the rearing and release of leafhopper insects, a biological control agent for the declared weed Bridal Creeper.
  • The second session involves a practical outdoor activity which allows students, as Weed Warriors, to become actively involved in the management of a local weed problem. This may involve the physical removal of weeds from a local area, or the release of biological control agents. Funding is available from Natural Resources South East to help cover the transport costs associated with an off-campus field trip.

The Weed Warriors program is delivered during Terms 2 and 3, and there is generally four to six weeks between the first and second session. The program can be adapted to all year levels, although it is most often targeted at Years 3-6.

To learn more or to register contact:
Aidan Laslett - Natural Resources Management Officer
0429 685 401

Weed warriors resources