Reviewing Upper South East Water Allocation Plans

The South East Natural Resources Management (SE NRM) Board has commenced a review of the Padthaway, Tatiara, and Tintinara-Coonalpyn Water Allocation Plans (WAPs). The initial round of consultation by the SE NRM Board with water licensees, key stakeholders and the community is complete.

Why the review?

The Padthaway, Tatiara and Tintinara-Coonalpyn water allocation plans were adopted between 2009 and 2012, and under the NRM Act 2004 they are required to be reviewed within 10 years of adoption.

What will the review involve?

The SE NRM Board will be working with the community to identify what is working well with our WAPs and what needs to be improved to protect our groundwater resource and groundwater dependent ecosystems.

The Board will also look at resource condition assessments and an assessment of future risks to our water resource when deciding its course of action.

Outcome of Community Engagement

In late 2016 the SE NRM Board held a series of meetings and took written submissions from the community as part of the review of the Tatiara, Padthaway and Tintinara - Coonalpyn Water Allocation Plans (WAP).


Activities held included public meetings held at Bordertown, Tintinara and Padthaway, stakeholder group meetings and an invitation to provide written comment and feedback.
Part of this engagement included consideration of amalgamating the three current water allocation plans into one plan for the Upper South East.

Read the executive summary report on this consultation and the Engagement report summarising the feedback received during the engagement process.

The decision

Based on feedback received the Board decided not to amalgamate the three plans. 

What’s next?

A review of the Tatiara WAP will commence immediately as a priority and is expected to be complete by December 2018. 
A review of the Padthaway WAP will commence in mid-2019 with a review of the Tintiara - Coonalpyn WAP following.
If you would like further information please contact Jennifer Schilling team leader water Policy and planning 8735 1177.

More information

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