NRM levy

What is the NRM levy?

The natural resources management (NRM) levy is paid by all ratepayers in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR) region.

The levy recognises that everyone who lives and works in the region has an impact on the environment. As such, we all share the responsibility and cost for caring for our land, water, native plants and animals, and coastal areas.

In some specific zones in the AMLR region, irrigators and commercial water users also pay a water levy.

What is the NRM levy used for?

The NRM levy supports projects that protect and enhance the region’s natural resources and encourage their sustainable use, in line with the AMLR NRM Plan. This includes working with primary producers to achieve sustainable production and supporting efforts to protect and restore the environment.

While the NRM levy represents the core funding for activities and projects in the region, significant additional funding also comes from state and Commonwealth governments.

How the NRM levy is calculated

Just like council rates, NRM levy contributions are calculated on the capital value of land and charged annually. The levy is collected by councils on behalf of the AMLR NRM Board.

The water levy is based on the allocation and use of water by licensed water users. It is collected by the Department for Environment and Water and provided to the board.

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