Community support for natural resources management

Community support for natural resources management is one of four socially based models that describe how people interact with managing natural resources. They should be considered in association with the three conceptual models that broadly focus on the biophysical systems to get a full picture of what we know about our region.

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About community support for natural resources management

The AMLR region has a significant urban population, with 1.1 million people in metropolitan Adelaide and surrounding townships.

The urban population contributes to the management of natural resources through on-ground action and by advocating to policy makers and the broader community about the value of natural resources. The community also contributes financial resources through the NRM levy.

A community engaged with managing natural resources works to modify behaviour and reduce its impacts, and supports the actions required to make significant improvements in the state of the region’s natural resources.

Community engagement is not a one-size-fits-all process and individual community groups require specific approaches to maintain and increase engagement.

A case study: Greener schools and healthier kids

Increasing community support for, and knowledge about, natural resources is a complex problem, requiring a range of approaches depending on the people and groups involved.

One successful program is building support and knowledge for NRM among school communities by developing a ‘living sustainably’ culture that can be spread beyond the school, to all in the community.

Schools build sustainable living education activities into the whole curriculum so that it becomes a way of life rather than a subject studied at school. The program supports teachers in developing curriculum and provides training and development opportunities.

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Based on the information collected during a regional planning process and a range of projects that the board has undertaken, a draft list of issues has been developed. This list is constantly evolving. Issues will be added as they become apparent, and as issues are addressed by projects, they will drop off the list. Go to the list of issues regarding community support for NRM.

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