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Download the 2018-19 Achievement report, to delve into stunning photos and stories that showcase the board's great work across seascapes and landscapes.

The region hosts a range of land uses and management practices, so planning and evaluating actions, and continuing to improve our projects, are priorities.

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management (AMLR NRM) Plan sets targets for how the environment should be managed in the AMLR region. Our vision for the environment is ‘thriving communities caring for our hills, plains and seas’.

So that we can manage our progress against the plan, the AMLR NRM Board has set a number of measureable targets:

  • Regional targets are long-term strategic targets for the region to achieve within 20 years
  • Intermediate targets (or iTargets) are shorter-term targets that detail actions and investment to be made over five years to reach the broader goal.

More information about targets can be found in the board’s business and operational plan.

Progress so far

Achievement reports

The board publishes annual achievement reports to highlight what progress has been made toward meeting our targets.

NRM Education

Northern Hills, Coast and Plains District

Report detailing the Land Management, Community Group Action and Public Lands programs

iTarget cumulative reports

Reporting on iTargets commenced in July 2011, occurs every six months, and is collated into annual cumulative reports.

Prior to iTargets, management action targets were active from 2008 to 2011. An evaluation of our success against these targets was undertaken in 2011.

Report cards

Report cards provide a snapshot on progress towards achieving regional targets. Not all targets are reported on annually because for some, change cannot be measured in the short term.

Year Regional report cards Water allocation plan report cards

The regional target evaluation report provides an overview of progress made towards the targets over the past five years.

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