Coast and marine monitoring and evaluation

The Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges (AMLR) coast and marine team works to protect coast, estuarine and marine environments.

To help ensure the balance between use and protection of these ecosystems, Natural Resources AMLR monitors:

  • coastal ecosystems
  • marine ecosystems
  • conservation of native species
  • invasive species
  • land-based impacts.

Reporting on progress

In line with the AMLR Natural Resources Management Plan, there are three long-term targets for the condition of the coast and marine areas in the region:

  • reduce impacts from land-based activities on coast, estuarine and marine processes
  • halt the decline of seagrass, reef and other coast, estuarine and marine habitats with a trend toward restoration
  • ensure coast, estuarine and marine water quality meets water quality guidelines.

How we are progressing toward our goals is captured in regional report cards.

Monitoring databases and projects

  • Marine debris (litter)
    Identifying the type of rubbish that finds its way into the sea, and where it has come from, helps us manage the threat litter poses to marine wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Hook, line and thinker fishing debris recycling program
    This program monitors and recycles fishing related debris (line, hooks, sinkers) deposited by recreational fishers in specially designed collection bins along the Onkaparinga estuary, O’Sullivan’s beach boat ramp and four sites in Victor Harbor.
  • Estuaries
    Monitoring water quality in the Onkaparinga, Bungala and Hindmarsh estuaries helps us to determine the effectiveness of constructed wetlands, the effect of stormwater and seasonal water characteristics.
  • Port Stanvac
    Data from marine biology surveys undertaken at Port Stanvac provides a rare opportunity to track changes in the intertidal communities over time.
  • Reef Watch
    Contact Reef Watch (a board-supported program) to get involved with their community monitoring program, which collects, collates and shares information about the quality of our marine environment.
  • Seagrass condition monitoring
    Monitoring the extent of seagrass across Adelaide metropolitan waters helps us determine its condition and the areas impacted by poor water quality.
Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges