Working with the community

Effective and sustainable management of natural resources in our region requires the continued involvement of informed communities. Natural Resources Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges (AMLR) staff engage with members of the community through programs and initiatives focussing on:

  • urban, coastal and rural communities
  • volunteer support
  • Aboriginal communities
  • education in schools.

Reporting on progress

In line with the AMLR Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan, there are two intermediate targets (iTargets) relating to people in the region:

  • increase the number of community members participating in learning opportunities or support services to 10 per cent of the region’s population
  • increase by 70 per cent the number of participants in NRM programs relating to
    • coast and marine
    • land and biodiversity
    • NRM communities
    • NRM education
    • water management services

How we are progressing toward our goals is captured in regional report cards and iTarget cumulative reports.

Environmental values and behaviours

In 2016, the AMLR NRM Board commissioned an independent state-wide survey to understand the values and behaviours of South Australians towards the environment.

This statistically robust investigation surveyed 1000 people over the age of 18. The findings have been shared with South Australia’s environmental non-government organisations, local and state governments as it is the first time the barriers and benefits for environmental stewardship has been explored.

The results can be used to develop community engagement programs that support positive actions and connections between people and the environment.

Take a look at this video presentation of the survey findings:


Also see:

This state-wide survey will become a longitudinal values and behaviour study to be repeated every 3-4 years by the board. It will provide monitoring and evaluation evidence that links the effectiveness of environmental programs with increased community awareness and participation.

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges