Aquatic ecosystem monitoring program

Fish monitoring

In 2011, the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR) Natural Resources Management Board commissioned an initial study that sampled 66 river sites in the region – fish from inland rivers can be excellent indicators of the general condition of aquatic ecosystems. The board contracts the South Australian Research and Development Institute on this work.

To obtain a fish health index for each site, three parameters for the study were included:

  • number of native fish species present
  • number of exotic fish species present
  • composition of species (e.g. numerous native fish species being preferable to numerous exotic species).

 The board continues to invest in fish monitoring and reports findings as they become available.

 Aquatic ecosystem monitoring

Natural Resources AMLR partners with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to continue monitoring and reporting on aquatic ecosystem condition throughout the region. The program is run every two years and involves monitoring selected sites twice (in spring and autumn) during the year. The EPA converts data from these monitoring activities into detailed reports about in-stream and riparian health.

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