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As a student, your voice and opinions are important! You should know that what you have to say is valued, and that you can contribute to the solutions to local issues. Having a say on things that matter to you is often termed ‘youth voice’ or ‘student voice’.

NRM Education is here to support you and make sure your ideas about sustainability are heard! Keep reading to find out how we can help. 

Youth Environment Council

Are you in Year 7-10, interested in the environment and want to do something to help? Want to meet like-minded students from all over SA and put your ideas into action? The Youth Environment Council (YEC) could be for you!

Come along each term to our workshops, and attend a special three-day camp which will give you the skills and knowledge to run environmental action projects in your local community. The program is fully funded so you don’t need to pay to take part, and students in regional areas will be reimbursed for fuel to travel to our events.

Applications are accepted at the beginning of each year- visit the YEC website for more information.

How to start a Youth Voice group

If you would like to form a group at your school, NRM Education can help. We can support you either face to face or online with getting teachers on board, inviting other students, and developing plans and projects that contribute to a more sustainable school and community. Get in touch with us today!

Already have a group? Great! We would love to meet with you and help come up with new ideas and solutions to local sustainability issues. Contact your local NRM Education office to find out more.

Resources and Information

You might like to have a look at these resources we have put together to get you started:

SACE Research Project

If you are a SACE student interested in looking at local sustainability issues for your Research Project, we can help. Check out our SACE Research flier for some ideas to help formulate your Research Project question.

Once you have developed a question that relates to natural resource management in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region, you can use our new SACE Research Project Portal to request information specific to your question.

Careers in natural resources management

If you are interested in the environment and natural resources management and want a career that makes a difference, there are many career options in the field of natural resources management. Read more about educational pathways to careers in natural resources management.

Get involved in local NRM projects

There are lots of ways to get involved in NRM and help do your bit. Here are just a few ideas:

For more information, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, visit the Get Involved page on our website.

NRM Education Child Safe Guidelines

NRM Education is a Child Safe program. For a copy of our Child Safe Guidelines, contact NRM Education

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