Green living

We can all be creative in the way we care for the earth, ourselves and others in our ecosystem. We can start by learning from the perspective of traditional owners and Aboriginal people that the land, waters and all living things are connected and have been managed by traditional owners since time immemorial.

Take a look here for ideas on how we can all connect with nature and live greener in our homes and beyond. 


Connecting with nature increases our zest for life, overall health and wellbeing. Discover Adelaide’s green streets and flourishing parklands to explore. Our unique parks and reserves are easy to get to and have something for everyone. 


It is possible to create a comfortable home that is economical to run, healthier to live in, and better for the planet. From good design, retro-fitting, to adopting new habits, we can be creative and thrifty with our resources.


Creating a garden with local native plants can increase biodiversity in your garden and help you prepare for a changing climate. These plants are hardy, attractive and have evolved to survive on local rainfall and support our local wildlife. 


You are what you eat! Appreciating healthy and seasonal food builds rich connections. The stories of our local producers and our everyday lives intertwine at our tables.

Grow food

Growing food reconnects us to nature and the seasons. Through understanding our soil and how food grows, we can revitalise our land, rediscover old traditions and revive lost skills.

If you're a rural landholder the Sustainable Agriculture team or District Officers can support you with your land management.

If you're an urban landholder the SA Urban Food Network connects people and initiatives through local events. 


Water is essential for the health of our environment and the wellbeing of all. We can all do our bit through the sustainable use of rainwater, recycled stormwater and waste water, and by supporting a cooler, greener Adelaide region.


Adelaide and the Fleurieu’s coast and marine environments create important habitat, nursery and feeding grounds for an incredible variety of aquatic and terrestrial life. We can all help protect these native species and the beautiful environment they call home.

Climate ready

We are all observing the effects of climate change through more extreme weather, rising sea levels, diminishing rainfall and increasing temperatures. From our homes to our governments, everyone needs to work together to reduce the severity of climate change, and adapt to its local impacts.



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