Edible Adelaide

Cultivating a shared vision for a more edible Greater Adelaide

The future of Adelaide’s urban food system was explored during events held as part of a national speaking tour on urban agriculture in November 2016.

Over 160 people from state and local government, the health sector, tertiary education, urban and peri-urban farms, businesses, community gardens, and grass-roots initiatives took part in two events, and learned from international food production experts.

Speakers shared best practice information and inspired attendees with new and creative ways to transform urban landscapes into thriving food production areas.

An Edible Adelaide report, was produced and includes participant’s shared vision, summary of what’s already happening, ideas on how we can work together to build a more edible Adelaide, and next steps.

The events were held in partnership with Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, Sustain: The Australian Food Network, CQ University, and Adelaide Sustainability Connect.

A shared vision

Those who took part in a workshop component developed a shared vision for a sustainable urban food system in Greater Adelaide, which sees:

  • an integrated city-wide plan across sectors (e.g. agriculture, health, environment, business) to best utilise land, the built environment and water for a sustainable food system
  • more public and private land used for food production
  • the establishment of an economic system that makes it easy and affordable to purchase local food
  • ecologically conscious, resilient and supported local food producers, processors, distributors and retailers
  • active, connected and ecologically conscious communities that understand their food system and its impacts

Food initiatives in greater Adelaide

Attendees also shared their extensive knowledge of current local food initiatives ranging from community gardens, organic markets and cafes to verge gardens, pollinator patches, produce swaps and fruit trees in parks.

We have mapped all of the initiatives participants told us about during the events, so you can take a peek at what interests you. (Please note: this is not a comprehensive map of all current initiatives but is a starting point.)

Next steps

Whether you are growing food, advocating for changes in your local area, or simply enjoy good food, your involvement matters – a sustainable urban food system is built on collective action.

What can you do?

Take a look at our map of food initiatives in Greater Adelaide, below, or check out the national online map being developed by Sustain. Find out what’s happening in areas that interest you, connect with others and get involved.


What will we do next?

These events inform our Urban Sustainability program, which supports Greater Adelaide to be more liveable, with connected urban communities who value, act and advocate for our natural environment. Workshop findings will guide and support Urban Sustainability’s holistic approach, which takes into consideration urban food, along with biodiversity and water under the theme of liveability.

What can we all do?

Keep this conversation going, there’s so much more to discuss! Get talking, sharing and networking on local and/or larger scales. Get in contact with us if you’d like support with a specific workshop idea.


More information

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