Volunteer support

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges offers advice and support to volunteers taking action as individuals, in community groups, with businesses or with school and pre-school communities. Regional staff help build the skills and knowledge of these volunteers and encourage and inspire them to continue their important work. Support is provided in a range of areas, including:

  • project management and planning
  • revegetation  and bushland restoration
  • creek bank erosion control
  • weed control
  • plant and animal surveys
  • grant applications
  • technical advice

Take a look at the range of groups we currently support in the region: northern, southern, central and Fleurieu.

If you want to get involved just let us know and we’ll get you in touch. Or take a look at these profiles we already have of some of the groups.


Free training is provided to AMLR volunteers throughout the year by Natural Resources AMLR and other environmental organisations. Topics include first aid, OHSW, project management and a range of practical on-ground activites and environmental conservation skills. If your group has specific training needs you can contact us for assistance.

Starting a new volunteer group

We provide advice, insurance and some financial support to help new groups get involved in natural resource management (NRM) activities within the AMLR region. To access these services, or for more information, please contact us and speak to our volunteer support manager.

Volunteer grants

NRM Action Grants are available to help volunteer community groups and individuals, schools and preschools develop projects which protect our natural resources and promote sustainable living.

Volunteer safety

Free volunteer insurance

Environmental volunteers within the AMLR region are entitled to free government accident and public liability insurance through the Department for Environment and Water (the department).

Insurance form:

Volunteers working on parks, reserves and projects managed by the department are automatically covered by the department’s insurance.

Work health and safety

All insured community groups are expected to adopt reasonable work, health and safety (WHS) measures to ensure the safety of their volunteers.

Volunteers working on parks, reserves and projects managed and insured through the department, are required to use the department’s WHS system for volunteers. Staff are available to assist volunteers to access and use these forms to record their safety management information. Contact our Volunteers Support Manager for more information.

Other AMLR volunteer groups not working on the department’s parks or projects can get their own free WHS systems, with templates for many useful forms. Simply download the In Safe Hands Toolkit, developed and made available by Conservation Volunteers Australia.

All community groups are encouraged to adopt these simple measures to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Contact us for more information.

Spreading the word

We like to highlight and share volunteer achievements through our newsletters. Take a look and see which ones you’d like to subscribe to. We also have a facebook page, which provides regular updates and information of interest to volunteers.

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