Regreening the fire scar

A community-supported program provided free seedlings, tree guards and stakes to assist fire-affected landholders re-establish the shelterbelts/windbreaks, paddock trees and home gardens they lost in the Pinery fires.

However there is still a huge amount of work to be done.

Get in touch with the organisations listed on this page for help with revegetation (shelterbelts, paddock trees etc) or remnant vegetation recovery. 

We will put up further details as they become available.


Trees For Life 

Greening Australia  

Kersbrook Landcare Nursery

Here are some examples of windbreak plants and paddock tree species for the Pinery area.

Direct seeding 

Direct seeding native plants is an efficient and cost effective option that works well in this region and is particularly useful on sandy ridges and hilltops.  

It’s also a good strategy for establishing shelterbelts and larger areas of native vegetation. 

Site preparation is important and should commence well before seeding.  

Greening Australia and Trees For Life have significant experience in direct seeding projects. 

Remnant vegetation recovery

Trees For Life can assist landholders with regeneration and recovery of remnant native vegetation.

Free native seedlings for those affected by the Pinery fires

In excess of 15,000 plants, tree guards and stakes are distributed annually to landholders to help rebuild the natural landscape.

Our staff put in many hours of work to ensure that each plant pack provided an attractive, functional and resilient mixture of native plants. 

This would not have been possible without generous donations and time from our project partners:

  • the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board for funding to purchase many thousands of plants, tree guards and stakes
  • Light Regional Council for additional funding to Trees For Life and the Barossa Bushgardens to grow seedlings for distribution
  • The Barossa Council and Barossa Bushgardens for hosting the plant pick up day
  • community nurseries such as Gawler Environment & Heritage Association, Kersbrook Landcare Nursery and Barossa Bushgardens for growing the plants
  • organisations such as Trees For Life, Greening Australia and State Flora for their involvement through the Pinery fire vegetation recovery committee
  • Natural Resources Northern and Yorke and Light Regional Council for their advice, support and staff time
  • volunteer growers who provided garden plants free of charge
  • other stallholders who contributed to the success of the day.

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