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Wildlife for Wine expands to Barossa
03 October 2019

Wildlife and vineyards don’t always mix, with grapes and tender young vine leaves sometimes proving irresistible to birds, mammals and insects.

August ‘Park of the Month’ makes a splash
23 September 2019

Encounter Marine Park didn’t disappoint the hundreds of local and international tourists, volunteers and staff involved in more than 20 Park of the Month events throughout August, with whale season giving everyone something to spout on about.

Gnat-loving, fungi-eating orchid finds new home
19 September 2019

Volunteers, ecologists and rangers have taken unusual steps to ensure that one of Adelaide’s rarest orchids doesn’t become extinct.

Barossa’s newest hotels are for the bees
09 September 2019

a unique example of working with nature for the common good, some 43 native bee hotels have been created for placement within the Tanunda Urban Forest project.

Sneak peak at Squeak’s new beak
09 September 2019

‘Squeak’, the young Port River dolphin rescued from entangled fishing line in April has made a strong recovery, as revealed in these remarkable before and after photos and video.

Tulip timing critical
29 August 2019

Landholders on the Fleurieu Peninsula are working to control the highly toxic and declared agricultural weed, Cape tulip.

Study shows clay protects post-fire soils
26 August 2019

A project which examined clay spreading in very sandy areas of the Lower North region of South Australia has demonstrated both short and long-term benefits for crops as well as helping protect against future fire damage.

Mount Lofty Summit Trail open again to weekday walkers
21 August 2019

The Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Summit Trail, which was temporarily closed on weekdays since early August, has now reopened.

Free soil tests offered to combat acidification
16 August 2019

A popular program offering free soil testing in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region has now been extended to commercial landholders.

Smiles a plenty at Swampfest
14 August 2019

There were plenty of familiar faces at this year’s Swampfest, when 130 volunteers along with rangers and NRM staff put in 4000 plants to restore habitat for endangered species in almost perfect weather conditions.

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