A greener, cooler Adelaide thanks to urban project grants

News release
04 October 2017

Hon Ian Hunter MLC
Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation

Adelaide will be cooler, greener and more resilient to climate change thanks to urban project grants worth more than $710,000.

The projects promote water sensitive urban design (WSUD), an innovative approach to incorporating the whole water cycle in our towns and cities, including capturing and re-using rainwater to help prepare our communities for hotter, drier summers.

"We all want to see water used wisely," said Environment Minister, Ian Hunter. "It’s great to see the innovative work being done to use our precious rainwater to create cooler, greener urban spaces."

The grants, provided by the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, will be used to fund projects such as:

  • Footpaths that allow rainwater to soak through, watering street trees and saving 40 million litres of stormwater from going down the drain every year.
  • Car parks that direct rainwater to garden beds and street trees along Port Road.
  • Establish a school wetland at St Catherine’s Primary School.
  • Re-using stormwater to irrigate sports fields.
  • Installing 85 ‘Treenet inlets’ in roadside gutters to use more than 1 million litres of stormwater every year to water street trees.

The WSUD grants are funded by the NRM Levy. The NRM board works with local government and other partner organisations to facilitate the transition to water sensitive communities, by investing the NRM Levy in the development and implementation of better water policy, research, capacity-building, and on-ground projects.

"This is a great initiative of the board and a valuable example of the benefits to our community from the NRM levy," Minister Hunter said.

"Planning for climate change now means we will be better prepared for the future."

The transition to water sensitive communities inherently recognises the value of green infrastructure and incorporates the need to help communities adapt to a changing climate.

Water Sensitive Urban Design grants 2017-18

Applicant: Adapt West
Project: Adapt West in Action
Grant (incl GST): $55,000

Applicant: City of Mitcham
Project: Kent Street Hawthorn Permeable Paving
Grant (incl GST): $93,500

Applicant: City of Charles Sturt
Project: Port Road Drainage Project – Car park upgrades WSUD
Grant (incl GST): $436,150

Applicant: Resilient Hills & Coasts
Project: Resilient Hills & Coasts – Regional Coordinator 
Grant (incl GST): $66,000

Applicant: St Catherine's Primary School
Project: St Catherine’s wetland remediation initiative
Grant (incl GST): $5,500

Applicant: Adelaide Hills Council
Project: Woodside Recreation Ground water management system design documentation
Grant (incl GST): $27,500

Applicant: City of Mitcham
Project: Angas Road Water Sensitive Catchment
Grant (incl GST): $27,775

Total: $711,425

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges