Eyes down for beachcombing bingo!

News release
05 July 2018

Red algae or seaweed

Red algae or seaweed?

Combing our beaches for treasures washed up during winter storms will be even more fun these school holidays, when kids can play an interactive environment game called beachcombing bingo.

Families can play the game on beaches across Adelaide at pop-up events run by Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR).

Natural Resources AMLR Seascapes Officer Linda Durham, who organises beachcombing bingo, said it is ideal for kids aged up to about 12 years old.

“Each child receives a bingo card with clues describing the different types of things they might find washed up on the beach,” Ms Durham said.

“When they’ve found something that matches each description, they shout bingo! and win a prize.

“Then we put everyone’s discoveries together and talk about we’ve found. We’ll see some amazing things: giant iridescent razor clam shells, odd shaped sponges, beautifully patterned shells, brilliantly coloured seaweeds, and mysterious fibre balls.

“Kids love finding these ‘treasures’ and guessing what they are – it’s a great conversation starter to learn about our oceans.”

The events will be held during the morning at Semaphore Beach (July 10), Thompsons Beach (July 12), and Bashams Beach (July 19).

Places are limited!

Light refreshments provided, please wear hats and closed-toe shoes. Parents and carers must remain present at each event.

This event is funded from the NRM levy.

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