Funding for new Landcare projects

News release
07 February 2019

Three new Landcare projects for 2018-19, valued at $1.54 million, have been announced for the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges region.

The projects, supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships (part of the National Landcare Program) and the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges (AMLR) Natural Resources Management Board are:

  • Back from the Brink – Reducing immediate extinction risks and improving the long-term viability for Matters of National Environmental Significance in the AMLR region
  • Combating Soil Acidity – What lies beneath?
  • Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator Program and Core Services

Dr Felicity-ann Lewis, Presiding Member, Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, said each of the three projects contributed to the environmental and agricultural goals of both the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships (RLP) program and the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board.

“Additional great news is that the NRM board has also been nominated as the Preferred Service Provider for the delivery of services for the RLP program in the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges region,” she said.

Back From the Brink

The Back from the Brink project will support the recovery of 36 nationally threatened birds, mammals, plants and ecological communities.

The new funding will support the protection, repair and recreation of habitats, as well as the establishment of new populations of threatened species. The project will focus on 13 threatened birds, two threatened mammals, 19 threatened plants, and two threatened ecological communities (see full list below).

Combating Soil Acidity – What Lies Beneath?

Combating Soil Acidity – What lies beneath? aims to help non and semi- commercial landholders in the rural areas of the AMLR region improve their awareness and treatment of soil acidity.

Under the project, soil testing will be provided to 100 landholders to help them identify and manage pH appropriately. A series of educational field days and demonstrations will also be delivered to provide technical information on the best management techniques for addressing soil acidity. And, as part of existing soil monitoring efforts, additional sampling sites will be selected to expand the number and location of sites under observation.

RALF and Core Services

The Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF) will support and promote the sustainable agricultural practices undertaken in the AMLR region by farmers, industry and community groups.

The facilitator’s position is funded and supported by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of the new RLP program.

The RALF will deliver a range of services, including:

  • Engaging farmers, community groups and agricultural industry about emerging ideas, climate change activities, innovative practices, new government policy, and grant opportunities
  • Facilitating partnerships that deliver agricultural outcomes by addressing common issues
  • Supporting the delivery of the AMLR Soil Acidity Project, funded by the National Landcare Program.

The Core Services function will support the delivery of the three RLP projects by providing communications, monitoring and evaluation, community engagement and planning.

For more information on Regional Land Partnership projects in the AMLR region contact:

Matters of national environmental significance – Andrew West (0407 725 525).

Land management, agriculture and Regional Landcare Facilitator – Nicole Bennett (0427 840 443) or Jodie Pain (0400 294 676).

Focus species under the Back from The Brink project

Nationally threatened birds

  • Slender-billed Thornbill (Gulf St Vincent) [Acanthiza iredalei rosinae]
  • Australasian Bittern [Botaurus poiciloptilus]
  • MLR Chestnut-rumped Heathwren [Calamanthus (Hylacola) pyrrhopygius parkeri]
  • Red Knot [Calidris canutus]
  • Curlew Sandpiper [Calidris ferruginea]
  • Great Knot [Calidris tenuirostris]
  • Greater Sand Plover [Charadrius leschenaultii]
  • Lesser Sand Plover [Charadrius mongolus]
  • Bar-tailed Godwit (ssp baueri) [Limosa lapponica]
  • Eastern Curlew [Numenius madagascariensis]
  • MLR Southern Emu-wren [Stipiturus malachurus intermedius]
  • Hooded Plover (Eastern) [Thinornis rubricollis]
  • Bassian Thrush [Zoothera lunulata]

Nationally threatened mammals

  • Southern Brown Bandicoot (SA mainland & KI ssp) [Isoodon obesulus obesulus]
  • Grey-headed Flying-fox [Pteropus poliocephalus]

Nationally threatened plants

  • Mount Compass Oak-bush [Allocasuarina robusta]
  • White Beauty Spider-orchid [Caladenia argocalla]
  • Pink-lip Spider-orchid [Caladenia behrii]
  • Bayonet Spider-orchid [Caladenia gladiolata]
  • Kangaroo Island Spider-orchid [Caladenia ovata]
  • Copper Beard-orchid [Calochilus cupreus]
  • Finniss Helmet-orchid [Corybas dentatus]
  • Osborn's Eyebright [Euphrasia collina ssp. osbornii]
  • Fleurieu Peninsula Guinea-flower [Hibbertia tenuis]
  • Fleurieu Leek-orchid [Prasophyllum murfetii]
  • Pale Leek-orchid [Prasophyllum pallidum]
  • Plum Leek-orchid [Prasophyllum pruinosum]
  • Sandhill Greenhood [Pterostylis arenicola]
  • Hindmarsh Greenhood [Pterostylis bryophila]
  • Leafy Greenhood [Pterostylis cucullata]
  • Two-bristle Greenhood [Pterostylis psammophila]
  • Butterfly Spyridium [Spyridium coactilifolium]
  • Blue Top Sun-orchid [Thelymitra cyanapicata]
  • Blue Star Sun-orchid [Thelymitra hygrophila]

Nationally threatened ecological communities

  • Subtropical and temperate coastal saltmarsh
  • Swamps of the Fleurieu Peninsula 

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