Breakout Creek


Stage 1 and 2

In 1999 a section of Breakout Creek along the River Torrens, upstream of Henley Beach Road was developed from an artificial channel to a more naturalised one by the then Torrens Catchment Water Management Board. Known as Stage 1, this 500 m section was a success and provided motivation for works on the channel between Henley Beach and Tapleys Hill roads, Stage 2, which were completed in 2010.

Works included widening and deepening the channel, removing weeds and planting over 200,000 native seedlings. This opened up the space to community use with access to blue and green spaces with high biodiversity value in the urban landscape. Recent research highlights the positive impact high biodiverse areas have on community health and wellbeing, and with the creation of habitat for threatened fish and bird species, native fauna benefits too.

Stage 3

The success of this new-look Torrens led to community support for the final redevelopment of artificial channel from Tapleys Hill Road to the outlet; a 1.7 km length of linear park, of which half is within the City of West Torrens (eastern half) and the other (western half) in the City of Charles Sturt.

Stage 3 concept plan

A Breakout Creek working group (made up of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, City of Charles Sturt, City of West Torrens and SA Water), invited the community to give their ideas in 2015, to help create a concept plan to improve the environment of Breakout Creek between Tapleys Hill Road and the outlet at West Beach.

This feedback was pivotal in creating nine key design principles which provided insight into how the space was currently used and how it could be better used by all, whilst incorporating features to draw more people to the space.

The working group has since coordinated technical assessments of the plan which included a detailed engineering survey, hydraulic analysis of the channel, and geotechnical and soil contamination investigations. The results show there are no major issues. At the same time, the City of West Torrens undertook significant redevelopment of Apex Park, which adjoins Linear Park on the south, to accommodate stables and an arena for the Lockleys Riding Club.

Explore the latest concept plan.

Over the past year, there has been significant engagement with the Kaurna Nation on the redevelopment plan. Kaurna are keen to see this project proceed and to be engaged from design, to construction and maintenance.

What’s next?

Breakout Creek Stage 3 redevelopment plans were given a significant step forward in 2019, with the announcement of $2 million from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund. This money will help construct habitat to improve the condition of threatened ecological communities. The board is funding the construction design and work is underway to secure a project team to progress this to a stage where it can be constructed, with further Kaurna and community input.

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