Our region's plan

The Alinytjara Wilurara (AW) Regional Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan sets out how natural resources are to be managed sustainably into the future, while meeting the needs of the people living in the region.

The NRM Plan is developed by the AW NRM Board in partnership with traditional owners, Aboriginal organisations, government agencies, research institutions, private sector organisations and – most importantly – the people living in or connected to the region’s communities. Since mid-2014 the board has supported implementation of the Healthy Country Planning facilitation process which focuses on participation and engagement of Aboriginal community members and the inclusion of their traditional knowledge and priorities as the foundation of future AW NRM Plans.

The Far West Coast Healthy Country Plan was completed in November 2016.

The AW NRM Plan details targets for the condition of the environment and is delivered by Natural Resources AW through a diverse range of programs that combine the priorities of the community with the legislative responsibilities of the board. This NRM Plan was approved by the then Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation.

The NRM Plan is presented in four main sections:

Amendments to the NRM Management Plan are approved by the Minister for Environment and Water.

The plan follows three themes: ‘people’, ‘country’ and ‘water’. These themes do not exist in isolation, and how they are managed needs to be done in a way that the relationship between each element is considered.

The plan places a strong emphasis on building capacity through on-ground works, working with communities on local projects, and building traditional authority and approvals into processes. Elders are consulted, wherever possible, to allow their cultural priorities and ideas to be included in projects.

The plan is the start of a new era for natural resources management in the AW NRM region. The board will work with communities and its partners to deliver quality NRM outcomes that are of good value and delivered appropriately for the benefit of all.