Our region's progress

The Natural Resources Management (NRM) Plan sets targets for how the environment should be managed in the Alinytjara Wilurara (AW) region. Our vision is ‘a healthy and valued region, managed responsibly now, for the future benefit of people and country’.

Our aims for the region are:

  • healthy people and communities working together to care for country
  • strong and healthy country, looking after itself with a helping hand
  • healthy water, used wisely and sustainably for the future.

How we will achieve these aims is detailed in the NRM Plan’s State of the Region report. This report describes the current health of ‘people’, ‘country’ and ‘water’ in the AW NRM region and identifies associated threats. It divides the region into nine distinct landscapes and sets goals for our natural assets in each landscape. These goals guide the three-year Business Plan, which details the action, investment and research that will undertaken in the region. To date, more than 30 regional projects have been delivered in line with the Business Plan.

How we track progress

To ensure that our region is on the right track to achieving our vision, we need to measure progress against the targets detailed in the NRM Plan. This is achieved by including monitoring activities in all programs and projects undertaken in the region. This enables regular progress reporting and allows us to understand the impact on-ground activities are having on natural resources in the region.

Our success is dependent on more than just our programs and projects – it is a whole-of-region achievement by the local community, stakeholders and agencies that the AW NRM Board works collaboratively with.