Regional Climate Change

Continuing climate change will mean that land managers and traditional owners in the AW NRM region will need to develop and implement effective responses to the impacts of climate change, to sustainably manage local environments

The 2013 report It depends which way the wind blows (5.82mb pdf) analysed the vulnerability of NRM systems in the AW region to projected climate change to the year 2030. It provided a critical review of current knowledge on climate change impacts and adaptation options in the AW NRM region.

In May 2015 a second report was published after further community consultations were undertaken across the AW NRM Region. The technical report, Adapting to Climate Change on Country, Climate Change Addendum – Technical Report for the Alinytjara Wilurara Regional NRM Plan and its counterpart the Climate Change Addendum provide important insight into perceptions and realities regarding the impacts of climate change in the remote AW Region.

Over the past four years research has been undertaken across the Alinytjara Wilurara region to inform reports and mitigation strategies related to changes in local weather patterns and the effect these changes may have of the people, country and water in the region. The Climate Change Report Card 2013-14 provides a clear snapshot of data gathered over this period and proposes ways that we might meet future challenges.

State-wide Approach

South Australia is well-placed to respond to future climate change challenges. In February 2015, Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter launched the Goyder Institute’s five year ‘SA Climate Ready’ project data of the most comprehensive set of climate projections concerning South Australia currently available. 

This is available at https://data.environment.sa.gov.au/Climate/SA-Climate-Ready with regional data summaries available at: www.goyderinstitute.org

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